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  • A silk binding from Yemen

    A silk binding from Yemen

    It’s very rare to come across a binding that seems to be unrelated to any type of binding we know. But it does happen. A cloth binding on a Yemeni manuscript is a case in point.
  • Shrunken pages

    Shrunken pages

    A manuscript written partly on paper and partly on parchment suffered heavily from water damage. The effect is remarkable: it caused severe shrinkage of the parchment leaves only.
  • A closed book?

    A closed book?

    The physical features of a book offer insight into economic practices and the social or historical context of the object. What is the value of the materiality when a book has not been read?
  • A forbidden book

    A forbidden book

    The current Leiden University Libraries exhibition ‘Sanskrit – Asia and Beyond’ features a richly illustrated Persian translation of the Kamasutra from the Mughal period. This manuscript with its abundant erotic drawings was not always easily accessible.